2022 Workshops Program

We’re on the hunt for community pride groups interested in facilitating a Snowglobe workshop, to help us create next-generation crisis support services for LGBTQIA+ youth. Read more about the project below, and express your interest using the form:

Our plan is to attend LGBTQIA+ community groups and events to run workshops, learn from lived experience, and use playful activities to directly involve young people in the design and writing process of Snowglobe, a new LGBTQIA+ support service.

What is Snowglobe?

We’re building Snowglobe, an innovative crisis service empowering LGBTQIA+ Australians to connect with resources and services supporting their gender, sexuality, sexual health, bodies, identity, feelings and relationships. Queer people and allies can ask questions anonymously in a conversational text style and receive tailored answers written by educators and experts using chatbot technology. 

Whether it’s a simple guide to pronouns, letter templates to send to your school, tailored advice on changing your name, or referrals to local support groups, Snowglobe will be ready to help, accessible via text, and completely confidential with absolutely no waiting times.

Using co-design principles, we will design Snowglobe in an immersive collaboration with the LGBTQIA+ community and its many intersections: with the goal of eliminating discrimination, ensuring accessibility, and raising the bar for how charities can use technology for social justice.

Express your interest:

Fill out the form below, and someone from the team will reach out to you shortly.

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